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About the Institute

National Institute of Design Madhya Pradesh (NID MP) is an "Institution of National Importance" under Department for Promotion of Industries and Internal Trade (DPIIT), Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Govt. of India. The Institute has a 29.49 acres green residential campus at a picturesque location with a backdrop of hills at Acharpura in Bhopal, where state-of-the-art ambience has been created by appropriate use of technology and innovation.

The Institute has a firm belief that creative imagination, aspiration, innovation and excellence need to be supported with quality teaching and guidance. The Institute has a diverse student and employee community, that has helped in creating a campus which is a vibrant, artistic and multi-cultural hotspot. NID MP is dedicated to the principle of learner centeredness whereby the Institute values and nurtures a student’s potential, while promoting a competitive culture that fosters continuous development.

Mandate for National Institute of Design (NID)

The mandate for NID is to offer world-class design education and to promote design awareness and application towards raising the quality of life by and through:

  • Education to create design professionals of excellence to help meet India's diverse design needs. To train design trainers for other design and design-related institutions and positions in the 21st century as global leaders in Design Education and Research by recognising the changes in economic and business environment nationally and globally.
  • Ensuring the expansion in the number of quality design professionals and faculty, through existing and new institutional mechanisms.
  • Becoming a repository of design knowledge, experience and information on products, systems, materials, design and production processes related to traditional as well as modern technologies.
  • Encouraging the design of products and systems of everyday use in a spirit of restless search for indigenous design solutions by focusing on affordable design for the masses.
  • To undertake fundamental and applied research to create cutting edge knowledge in the areas of design, especially those concerned with user understanding and trends.
  • To help place designers in key sectors of national need for benchmarking of standards of design education and practice and encouraging 'thinking global and acting local'.
  • To offer integrated design consultancy services and cutting-edge design solutions providing practice opportunities to students as well as a revenue stream to the Institute.
  • Providing design inputs from the point of view of using design as an integrating force in varied areas like science, technology, management etc. to raise quality of life through well designed products, services, processes, systems, etc.
  • To humanize technology and integrate the physical with the virtual and digital worlds through better information and interface design.
  • To provide design intervention for craft, handloom, rural technology, small, medium and large-scale enterprises, and outreach programmes for capability and institution building and sustainable livelihood, employment opportunities and economic growth.

National Institute of Design (Amendment) Act, 2019

NID MP was declared as an Institute of National Importance (INI) after the President gave assent to National Institute of Design (Amendment) Act, 2019 on 29th November 2019. The Institute can now offer Bachelor Degree in Design (B.Des.), Master Degree in Design (M.Des.) as well as PhD in Design.